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  • I wonder how the last few weeks would’ve felt in a 70s world of newspapers, radio, some TV. Even Social Media feels too slow for reality. ->
  • Just now on the radio – audio ad for Beethoven Orchestra, while getting ready to drive to the press conference. Synchronicity. ->
  • Really beautifully ugly 1980s cover. Ellison makes everything look great. https://t.co/C00Srqcyo1 ->
  • RT @scottbix: Oh my god Lord Buckethead’s political manifesto I’m screaming https://t.co/e31ytIBk91 ->
  • Where designers steal ideas from…. ;-) https://t.co/i0lmWOqdz2 ->
  • Me: Well, this year really is off to a weird start.
    She: It’s JUNE, man. ->

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